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@Nadeshot. ·. Oct 4, 2022. Rejuvenate your play. Introducing Juvee, my brand NEW energy drink. A dream come true for a kid from a small town in Chicago.

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RT Nadeshot “Tough one, lot of mistakes on rotations. Feel like Ultra just kept finding gaps and were picking up multi kills constantly.

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5. aug. 2021 — @Nadeshot. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO. PrimitiveAK · @PrimitiveAK. ·. Aug 5, 2021. Replying to. @100Thieves. and. @Nadeshot. nade is malding.

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@Nadeshot. ·. Feb 22, 2022. Replying to. @tarik. You’re so good at Valorant and handsome. On god we’re gonna get you a super model wife.

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he’s kinda spittin’. @Nadeshot … Embedded video. 0:21. 542.5K views. 9:12 PM · Oct 31, 2022 · 1,113. Retweets · 91. Quote Tweets.

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7. dec. 2020 — @Nadeshot. ·. Dec 7, 2020. Replying to. @Hiko. I told you 3 majors and then we can talk. I got something nice coming your way, …

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24. mar. 2021 — New Justin Bieber album is a slapper, I’m vibin. 123. 931. 10.4K. Varlem · @mariusholtee. Replying to. @Nadeshot.

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Wait, I thought Nadeshot started 100T or did I just get jebaited? … stealing replies from jhb now? … Nade done got on the company Twitter again.

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